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Frequently asked questions.

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My home has just suffered damage, whom should I contact?

It is a good idea to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and inform them of the damage. Then, call a certified insurance restoration professional. You should read your insurance policy to know what your coverage limits are. Ultimately though, you will decide which contractor to use.

My home was just damaged by water. What should I do to prevent further damage?

You should call a restoration professional quickly, because the water can spread to additional areas. Avoid walking on affected areas. Also, if left for a period of time, mold & mold-forming bacteria can begin to spread. The longer a damaged home is left before treatment begins, the further damage will occur, in greater areas of the home.

My home was just damaged by fire, what should I do to prevent further damage?

Depending on the extent of damage, the house may still be liveable. It is important to contact a restoration professional quickly, because the longer smoke & soot stay in the home, the more difficult it will be to clean and deodorize. Also, do not attempt to clean the fire or smoke damage yourself. Restoration professionals have scientific methods used to specifically clean different types of damages on different types of surfaces. You might make the cleaning job more difficult by using improper or incorrect methods.

I Think I Need to Rebuild; Can You Help?

Again, yes, we can! Unfortunately, water and fire damage is often extensive. While we do everything we can to repair and preserve your original property, there are cases where replacement and rebuilding are necessary. TOV Restoration will inspect your property, identify what reconstruction needs to take place, and provide you with the expert-level services you need. Our goal is to help you get back to your home as quickly and as safely as possible. We do not cut corners. We offer competitive, honest pricing, and we always conduct ourselves with integrity.